What happened to BTT tokens?

Photo by Hans Eiskonen on Unsplash
  • So about half of the investors got confused when their BTT price went to 0 but tokens were all there waiting in the wallet. One early fish who might have invested in lots of failed investments or rug pull scams can only guess this is one of the times. But BTT had a different plan. No need to panic, it’s been explained completely on the binance website.
  • BTT trading like, BTT/BTC, BTT/USDT was stopped on 14 January 2022. Anyone who bought or was holding BTT before that probably thought that the tokens are missing until we heard about the token renaming and migration plan.
  • BTT migration ended on 26 January 2022.
  • After the BTT migration ended last week around in late January of 2022, the tokens you were holding of BTT on any exchange app have changed or definitely increased from the normal amount.
  • Real migration ratio was 1 BTTOLD=1000 BTT so if you had 5500 BTT before then you should have 5,500,000 BTT.
  • BTTC is bit-torrent chain which is now live in the first month of this year.
  • BTTC has already started BTT pools for staking. Just connect your tronlink or metamask wallet and you’ll able to stake your new BTT tokens.

Characteristics of BitTorrent Chain (BTTC)

  • Heterogeneous cross-chain solution
  • Faster transaction
  • More secure assets
  • Lower transaction fees

Here are some of the important links related to Bit-torrent token.



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