BAT browser has changed the way I browse Internet and I kinda like it.

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BAT browser is the new Web3 browser in the market. It’s what I changed my usual Chrome browser with, I like it basically because of the payments I get in BAT(their native token) and that is mostly late but gets to my Gemini exchange account every month. I downloaded the browser when February was about to end so by now I have used it for 1 month. That should be enough to give honest feedback.

So, I’m using the browser, I’m using the browser too much that now it’s on my four devices. I’m getting at least 1 to 2 BAT on my smartphones and 4 to 6 on my PC(According to the use).


This browser is probably the only thing that helped me after Chrome. I was stuck with Chrome because my all data was there and chrome was pulling my PC like an anchor, I’ve used it, I wanted to test another browser and here in BAT browser, you can

I think everyone should at least try this once to experience the adblocking and web3 based apps faster.

This browser is not bad in terms of styling, its pretty good. I basically use transparent background so my desktop wallpaper is my usual browser background. It’s also pretty reliable because I open about 30 to 40 tabs sometimes and well it still works after 50 tabs, so spot on stable.

For me what super advantageous is the BAT payout

One of the plus sides is if you are there for BAT Payment you can increase the number of ads you watch every hour,

  1. 0 ads for full peaceful browsing
  2. 10 ads per hour to earn more BAT

Another thing is you can go open new tabs and get 0.010 BAT every 4 tabs when a new ad refreshes, you would be allowed to use that for three times so after 12 tabs cycle resets and you have to try next time probably after one or two hours.

Edit: In March reward rate dropped to 0.005 BAT instead of 0.010.

I’m using 10 ads per hour and I open most of the tabs, I almost have 7 BAT and it’s still increasing.

Now, yellow paper pros-cons list


Web3 compatible

Pays you to watch ads

Basically gives you your chrome layout without creepy ads

BAT Wallet(Beta)

Full ads blocked


The hardware acceleration is enabled cause of the use of brave, battery consumption is higher than normal.

Its default browser is still google so I would say there is a better version coming (updated to brave search in 2021)

Broken webpages at times

Cant really spot more, but there will be a post if I find one

Final point

The icing on the cake, You can also connect your Gemini exchange account to get faster payouts to get the BAT payment directly in your exchange wallet so you can trade directly.

I will be back with another post soon, thanks for reading and have a great day.


Features: Check out the Brave Brower features directly from their website.

Comparison: Compared with chrome browser (Link).

Track browser user data: Link

Try BraveBat



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